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One-Stop IT for Non-Stop Business

In today’s technology driven world, every business needs to have an internal IT Department. But it is easier said than done and it always remains a distant dream for every small or mid-sized business.

But it is no longer a dream for businesses in Calgary and Area.

We are your IT Department offering all the IT Services required for the planning, implementation and on going support for every small or mid-sized business in Calgary and Area. We are here to support every business in the marketplace with reliable, affordable, sophisticated and secure  and end-to-end technology applications and framework. We have been in the industry for close to a decade with a stellar reputation.

We have a track record of  providing technology support to clients with complex needs providing the most simplistic and viable solutions.
We are looking forward to connecting with you to discuss your addressable IT issues and how we can provide tangible solutions for it . Our client solutions team will be happy to walk you through the journey!

Enjoy The Advantages of An ‘Out Standing’ IT Department Without Actually Having One

If It’s A Hassle To Get Into, Well, Leave It To The Experts.

Mind Your Own Business

Let’s take care of your technology challenges

We are a technology services provider. As a company, we do not do accounting, housekeeping and printing!!!. We leave it to the experts so that we can concentrate on our core competencies. We believe that this is the single ‘mantra’ every business need to adopt to be a grand success in the market place.

Let’s Take Care of the IT in toto

And you take care of your business

It is a connected world. And the technological challenges that Small and Medium Enterprises face are interdepended. That is why you need to have an affordable and ‘out-standing’ IT Department which can manage all your IT needs. We are physically outside your premises but essentially an insider with skills and expertise in every aspect of SMB’s IT chanllenges

Single Point Technology Expertise, IT Management & Service Delivery

For Small and Medium Enterprises

Ongoing IT Support

Every day we are surrounded with the simplest to complex IT tools. Hence, we want you to focus on business and leave the IT to us.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services provide dedicated IT management and network services. Our senior consultants manage day-to-day desktop and server support while leveraging the best IT services to meet corporate objectives.

Business Continuity

Mishaps happen, and such is life but realistically the problems can be avoided upfront if right care and measure is taken. But what if the right step wasn’t taken?

Email & Collaboration

Build, connect, grow, network, be on-the-go, work anywhere, meet anywhere, everywhere and anytime by setting your business on a platform that is simple and agile

IT Documentation

You could have hundred computers, thousand printers and routers, million cables running under the floor and over the ceilings. If there are hundred signal points, there are hundred IP addresses.

Structured Cabling

Unfold your drop ceiling or dig up the walls and floor. What do you find? A maze of cables, wires, pipelines, etc., from one corner to other. Let us simplify this.

IT Procurement

Millions of ideas and concepts need to be tried and tested to get the perfect IT working. Do you have time and expertise? If NO, then let us help you procure and deploy the best solution for your team.

Telecom & VoIP

With the phasing out of Telegram, Telephones is the only oldest form of communication, second to postal services. But even telephone solutions have evolved as generations have. So why not upgrade to the latest and best solutions.

Digital Marketing Web

The world is going digital, so are all the business. Are you? It is not a hard question to answer if you want to invest in the future of your business. Let us discuss how we can render the best solution to you.

Alarms & Surveillance



This Is Called ‘The Cloud’

And we take you there, no pain, no headaches !!!

Business Means ‘Team Collaboration’

When we implement it, you will love your business more than ever !!!

Technology News & Events

The Highest Standards; The Happiest Customers

In this busy time, it is more imperative than ever to ensure our Computer Systems and Databases are running smoothly and efficiently! Who do we entrust with this task? We rely on Altadigital ( IT Department Inc ). They are organized, punctual and get the job done to minimize downtime, be it Computer maintenance / Virus Issues / adding Computers onto our network or simply questions. Kamal and his team address our concerns quickly, keeping us up to date and in operation. Thank you Kamal and Team!. We wish you the best of Success!

Rod Toth | President | Precise Pruning Ltd, Aidriewww.precisepruning.com

We were very lucky when we met Kamal five years ago when we had some computer issues.  Since then he has kept all our computers in excellent working order and responds immediately.  Because our accounting is computerized, having properly working computers is a must.

Finding a computer consultant that is reliable, knowledgeable and affordable was fortuitous and we have passed Altadigital’s card to other associates and clients.

Gloria Simoni | Partner | AGS Bookkeeping, Calgarywww.agsbookkeeping.com

I have been very pleased with the professional service of AltaDigital and Kamal.  With a medium sized business, flexibility and availability is key in assisting us with our needs and Kamal has never disappointed.

Shauna Hansen | Director | Vintage West Wine Marketing, Calgarysample.com
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