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Every Device Completely Managed For A Fixed Monthly Fee

Businesses can no longer function with pen and paper system. They need technology from mobile devices to computers, from cloud servers to security systems. At IT Department, we will do it all.

With managed services taken care by IT Department, the brilliance of your IT is totally optimized where we deliver solutions and manage it in such a way, that the most complex concept will seem simple to you as we have done all the hard work for you.

The most basic thing such as managing your hardware and software performance to the complex issue of managing the cyber risk of your servers, cloud back-up, virtual machines, monitoring security of the alarms, etc. everything falls under our radar and we do all the management with leaving you time and ability to concentrate on business and its growth.

ROI of IT Investments

Make IT Expense A Source Of Revenue

Yes, Your Computers Can Work Hard For You

Most common way large corporates function their IT management is through internal managed services. But due to their business volume and scrutiny from regulations, they need a dedicated in-house IT team. Well, they can afford it at the large price tag that often comes with it.

But should you feel no necessity to host an IT team of your own, and have them be independent from the organization while having the luxury having your own IT masterminds. We have you covered. That is exactly the VISION OF IT DEPARTMENT.

Lets discuss how we can simplify your business!

ROI of IT Investments
Fixed IT Expense
Fixed IT Expense

Lock Down Ongoing IT Support Charges

IT Expenses Can Be Fixed and Within Budgets

Every business owner prefers fixed and predictable bills and expenses. Gone are the days of variable IT expenses. We have been helping business to budget for IT related expenses and stick to the budget.

Say Goodbye To 9AM – 5PM IT Support

Computers Dont Care About Day and Night or Long Weekends

At IT Department, we strictly believe in running every mile with the businesses we support. That being said, if the business isn’t able to run to the current and modern times, we also provide options to work for you on the back-end so that there occurs no hindrances in your daily routine. That is our promise for running for you every time, an extra mile!

Business Continuity
Business Continuity

Managed Business Continuity Protects Your Business

Titanic Can Never Sink – Rest Is History

When we say IT support, what we mean is business continuity. Yes, we are in the business of providing ‘Business Continuity Solutions’. The core of our IT Solutions revolve around the not so commonly asked question; ‘whats next, if a disaster strikes your IT systems ? and how soon we can get you back on track?

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