Wholistic Health Care Is Your Passion; Comprehensive IT Care Is Our Passion

Healthcare and Medical Services have come such a long-way to create solutions that have solved global crisis of epidemics and restored a balance health in the public system. But what has been a vital catalyst in all this, has been the technology, IT and computer programs that have helped evolve the development and transitions of these solutions in healthcare. Ranging from paper records of patients to the channels of communication, IT has changed the way EMR solutions and communication means have evolved.

IT Department Inc., for past half decade has built tremendous and brilliant expertise in the healthcare industry and our services and support in unmatched in Southern Alberta. We have researched, developed and set-up a perfect IT practice and systematic structure for medical clinics, multi-disciplinary health facilities, small surgery homes, maternity homes, and even veterinary clinics.

From EMR software management, whether it is Wolf, Telin, Accuro, Practice Solutions, Med-Access, etc., or be it setting up secure networking system, from website development platform to comprehensive IT support. All of this is managed under one roof and helps you have peace of mind to focus on your health practice and not get caught in the mess of IT.

Medical Clinic Exam Room PC

IT Support for Doctor Laptops and Exam Romm PCs

Scheduled Maintenance or Tech 911 Support – We Do It All

Exam room computers are prone to breakdown more due to large daily activities on it for accessing the EMR, managing patient sheet and sending out notes/e-mails for the referrals, etc. This strain on hardware can be managed better by deploying superior grade computers or scheduling periodic maintenance to monitor the health of the systems.

Medical Clinic Exam Room PC

Support For EMR Systems

Support For Both Self-Hosted And Cloud Based EMRs

Our lead healthcare IT experts can develop support system and IT infrastructure on which any EMR brand and any kind of interface can rely.

Why Hire Us To ‘Totally’ Manage Your IT

Fixed Hourly Rates & Per Minute Billing

We bill you per minute for remote support and for the onsite support it is the same hourly rate whether support is provided in the evenings, late night or weekends. This way you have peace of mind and uninterrupted service delivery without harming your pocket.

Any Time Support – Weekends or Night

We understand the importance of uninterrupted service from your office staff to your clients. To make this happen we stay away when your office is busy and we start our work when you go home and relax. When you are back for work, we will make sure that everything is in order.

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