Cloud Backup And Disaster Recovery Planning

Let Us Be Back On Track With The Least Possible Downtime

We are living in the most vulnerable age where theft of information and identity is a regular occurrence and need to secure our information every step of the way. We secure our cars, homes, even bank lockers. Why not secure your data! IT Department Inc., hence have partnered with AWS solutions and built seamless personal interface for automatic and secure periodic backup of files; for our business and for your personal computers.

Cloud Backup

Image Based Backup For SMBs

Not Just A Copy Of Folders and Files

Folder and file based backup is no longer the best and secure option. What must be achieved is an image based backup. This way you can be sure that every element on your machine, server, mobile device, etc., which is configured for the cloud backup, will be securely and completely backed up in the cloud. This way we can be assured that our data is maintained in the cloud network and recalled in an event the hardware fails, get stolen or destroyed.

Cloud Backup

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