Cloud Hosted VoIP – Plug and Play Business Phones

IT Department Inc., provides quality measured and tested service systems as we ensure reliability in our product, hardware, software solution, mobile applications and ultimately our service as well. Our call quality and signal strength is carrier-grade and largely support by basic internet plans, although a better and superior internet quality will ensure 99.999% call quality satisfaction. Our solution relies on carrier-grade multi-redundant class 4/5 switches along with a strong network of US & Canadian telecom carriers. This multi-carrier setup provides the necessary redundancy to guarantee our 99.999% SLA.

Cloud Hosted VoIP Phone System

Business Integrity – Better Than Ever

Plug And Play With Cloud Hosted Phones

With Cloud PBX, you get all the phone features you need for your business, with low upfront costs and no hardware or software to maintain. Whether you’re operating from a single office or different locations around the globe, you get an enterprise-grade VoIP phone system to make all your clients happy. Moreover, your mobile employees can be reached while on the go through your company phone number using our innovative softphone application.

Cloud Hosted VoIP Phone System

Elegant And Economical Hardware Solutions

Choose From A Wide Variety Of Options

No longer do you need to spend huge dollars to make your hardware function with the enterprise lines and connections. We provide simple-to-use hardware systems with interface pre-setup ready to use. For modifications and system setup on case-by-case basis, we can reconfigure all the settings as you would like to have deployed.

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