Your IT Infrastructure Is Only As Good As Your Structured Cabling

Unfold your drop ceiling or dig up the walls and floor. What do you find? A maze of cables, wires, pipelines, etc., from one corner to other. Let us simplify this.  At IT Department Inc., our technical team have mastered the art of simplifying cable management and making sure that the client doesn’t have to second check the work as everything works non-stop and everything works seamlessly fine. The aesthetic appeal of the space you operate in, along with no confusion on how cables flow end-to-end is just one less subject to worry about.

Structured Cabling

Condos, Commercial and Industrial Cabling – We Do It All

We provide structured cabling solutions for small offices, large commercial facilities and even industrial warehouses. Our structured and subsystem cabling management with proper labeling and indicator binding helps troubleshoot problems faster, understand the flow of the network better and makes the space and area look neater. Our cable colour codes also helps have a better organization of the network rooms, server hubs, etc., and easier to keep tabs on the different gadgets all running your IT.

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