Office 365 Email – Seamless Synchronization

Access Your Contacts And Caledars In Any Device, Anywhere

E-mail is the single “best” method of communication in the business today. So why not use the “best” tool that is created just around e-mail and greater collaboration. E-mail from anywhere, with security from malicious software, superb calendar management, seamless syncing in real-time that allows you to lose no data and win all business. Create, process, plan and share with the world to power your enterprise.

Business Productivity Tools At Its Best

Work Anytime, Anywhere

Take your office with you wherever you go! Work from anywhere, on any device. Access Office 365 from your mobile phone, tablet or PC. No additional feature subscriptions needed. Just login to your Office 365 portal, and you’re ready to work! Connect with the right people and share ideas and information at any time, from anywhere.

Always Stay Ahead

Companies trust us for its hosted SharePoint environments because we offer the most robust guarantee for availability and performance. Our technical experts will respond to your requests within 40 seconds. IT Department Inc. can tailor your SharePoint solution to fit your company’s needs and deploy it rapidly for a faster return on investment. This is a great entry point for smaller companies with wide spread to manage files and exercise proper version control.

Never Again Worry About The Loss Of Your Emails & Contacts

We Are Not Talking About Or

Companies having an increasing need to keep the data safe. Be it their own or the customer’s data, the compliance makes it more complex to follow the protocols by regulations, self-governed systems, etc. Get rid of the headache and bring the seamless collaboration of Office 365 e-mails, calendar sharing, task list management, etc., that is accessed and controlled at a click of a button and that will help you have the ease of managing the data safely, securely and with real-time back-up. So never worry about losing your e-mails in an event of a disaster.

Now You Have The Right Tools To Take Your Business To The Next Level

The Traditional Office Tools Redesigned For The Cloud Era

Office Software For The Cloud

Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint – Use these tools to set a fresh idea on a digital paper, sheet or a slide that pleases the human aesthetic sense. Use these powerful arsenals to aid marketing and sales success

Teamwork At Its Best

Microsoft Teams – Communicate whenever you needed, with teams that needs to be in the loop. Keep everyone in the know via calls, chats, messaging board, document sharing and real-time collaborating.

File Storing and Sharing

OneDrive – Sharing and storing, in the simplest way possible. Share with them, who need to be in the know and need to access and modify the files to have better management and at the end, a much better success.

Invoicing, Sales & Marketing

Invoicing – Sales & Marketing can be in the hard grips if the tab on client account collections aren’t maintained. Why go anywhere else, when tools that can be easily integrated helps you keep things in the check.

Built In Customer Management

Outlook Customer Manager – Maintain a pipeline of customers and all their details systematically maintained in a single synopsis, to better leverage information and decisions.

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