Hosted Email, Share Point & Cloud Hosted Business Collaboration Tools

Work From Anywhere, Anytime, In Collaboration, On-The-Go!

Build, connect, grow, network, be on-the-go, work anywhere, meet anywhere, everywhere and anytime by setting your business on a platform that is simple and agile. You tell us what you do, and we can get you that right platform.

 In today’s age, everyone collaborates on-the-go, everybody is on mobile be it your business class corporate phone or fancy personal smartphone, everyone is active through tablets, devices are getting miniature, but the work practice is getting expansive. This is where a singular platform approach such as Microsoft Office 365 becomes a powerful tool.

 We can get you on internal chat hubs, on video conference calls, to do shared document collaboration and work seamlessly with colleagues, focused and comprehensive e-mail management, per-minute syncing calendars and meeting invites, etc. All of this can be done with reliable security and the best part is none of the members of the company need to be under any geospatial restriction. Everyone can be in different corner and as long as there is internet, you all can connect!

Office 365 Work Flow

Emails, Calendar & Contacts – Anywhere, Anytime

Office 365 Hosted Exchange & Google Business Apps

Seamless efforts from you makes your business productivity rich and ultimate success much sweeter. Get on deck with the best e-mail, Calendar updates, task list management and business engagement program yet from Microsoft.

Office 365 Work Flow
Sharepoint Modules
Sharepoint Modules

SharePoint – Team Collaboration At Its Best

File Sharing and Working Together – Simpler, Safer, Seamless

In the age of cloud computing, back-up and system management, you might have the recipe for the success of your business. Now bring it together with SharePoint. Engage employees, connect with remote working colleagues, share data, files, and apps all on a single platform.

Skype For Business

Great Teams Are Made By Great Communications

Connect your teams with the experience they love, in the Office applications they use every day. Now, with Skype for Business you can simplify your infrastructure with one platform for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing.

Google Business Apps

All The Business Apps Under One Roof

Connect, create, access, and control, all in the same space within Google system to help create business models that deliver results. If you aren’t looking to get the enhanced experience of Microsoft products and want a starter scale option – this might just be the right fit.

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